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Scientists Engineer Nonimmune Cells That Kill Cancer Upon Contact

Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Tokyo have come up with a method of engineering nonimmune cells for a cancer therapy. Read more

Honesty Can Make You Healthier

The science behind how being honest makes you both happy and healthy. Read more

Nuts strengthen your brain, EEG study shows

A new study used an electroencephalogram to examine the brain waves of regular nut consumers. Strong associations with cognition and immunity were found. Read more

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Habits of Successful People: Start Before You Feel Ready

This article reveals the habits of successful people, like billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, and how you can use these habits in your life. Read more

The Real Value of Money

Many of us allow ourselves to be defined by how much money we have or don't have. But the real value of money is something else entirely. Read more

Making the Most of a Side Hustle

This week’s Mint audit introduces us to Selena, 48, a mom of two living in San Antonio, Texas. She is a community college director and her husband, 51, is a full-time graphic designer who also manages a booming side hustle in the same industry. Se... Read more

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The Japanese skill copied by the world

Mindfulness has become trendy around the world in recent years – but in Japan, it’s been ingrained into the culture for centuries. Read more

How to Control Your Emotions During a Difficult Conversation

Getting worked up will only make things worse. Read more

How to Get Your Pride and Humility Back in Balance

Pride gets a bad rap sometimes. Pride is not, in and of itself, bad. In fact, it can be a powerful motivator for personal growth. In fact, as Jessica Tracy argues right there the in the subtitle of her book Take Pride, “The deadliest sin hol... Read more